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Fall is here we will be starting on the 4 week underwater hull cleaning schedule in Nov. At this time of the year you may notice some extra algae growth. This is “Enteromorpha Clathrata” which is an estuary alga and grows at a rate of about 6” to 8” per week. It will be noticeable on your boats waterline and any un-painted fiberglass or metal surfaces including stern-drives and trim tabs. It does not mean that your scheduled boat bottom cleaning has been missed!! It will not impede your vessels performance.
The underneath surfaces and running gear are not fouled with this algae growth.


Our Service

All Bay Marine Services has been provide pump out service along with deodorizing and providing enzyme treatments for boats in San Diego, county boating community since 1998, at the same time reducing the amount of waste being discharged in our local waters.

If you have a boat from San Diego area, we can help you manage your holding tank needs with just one quick call, or you can E-mail us and we will be happy to contact you in a prompt manner.

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